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Dr. Oana Teodora Moldovan

senior researcher I

Biologist specialized in cave ecology/paleoecology, with experience in impact studies, groundwater ecology, the taxonomy of Coleoptera, paleoenvironment, protection and conservation of karst areas and caves

Dr. Daniel Vereș

senior researcher I

geologist, paleoenvironmental change, the reconstruction of the terrestrial response to millennial-scale climate variability during the Quaternary, comparison with developments worldwide, tephrochronology

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Dr. Daniela Cociuba (Borda)

senior researcher II

biology, ecology and conservation of Microchiroptera (the European species), cave climatology related to bats, microbial hazard in caves, and human impact in the underground environments on air, water, and solid substrates

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Dr. Traian Brad

senior researcher II

Biologist, with expertise in cave and groundwater microbiology and systematics of groundwater Amphipoda (Crustacea)


Dr. Aurel Perșoiu

senior researcher II

geologist, specialized in ice caves, stable isotope geochemistry, Holocene climate variability, geoarcheology

Dr. Ruxandra Năstase-Bucur

senior researcher III

Biologist, with research interests in molecular phylogeny and phylogeography of cave Coleoptera, historical biogeography, speciation and evolution in caves

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Marius Kenesz

senior researcher III

geomorphology, GIS, climatology

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Associated Researcher

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Dr. Tiziana Di Lorenzo

senior researcher

Senior Researcher at the Research Institute on  
Terrestrial Ecosystems of the National Council of Research (IRET-CNR)  
and has expertise in groundwater ecology, ecotoxicology, physiology,  
functional diversity, and environmental risk assessment. She has  
coordinated projects on environmental risk assessment in groundwater,  
and she is currently involved in the project "National Biodiversity  
Future Center – NBFC" of the Italian Ministry of University and  
Research under the support of the National Recovery and Resilience  
Plan and in the project Biodiversa+ DarCo (BIODIV21_0006). Tiziana Di  
Lorenzo is a member of the Center for Ecology, Evolution and  
Environmental Changes (cE3c) of the University of Lisbon.

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